Smooch - Sensual Massage Oil

Smooch - Sensual Massage Oil
Smooch Sensual Massage Oil is a luxurious body oil and a natural lubricant.

Cruelty Free
Palm Oil Free

Made in Kapiti, New Zealand
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Fijian Niu, 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil and our own unique blends of essential oils. (Plus, Pure Vanilla planifolia and a whole vanilla pod in the Vanilla Smooch)Nothing nasty... NO Parabens NO Sulphates NO Petrochemicals 


Smooch Sensual Massage Oil is a luxurious body oil and a natural lubricant (Its pleasurable whether you need a lubricant or not). Smooch is perfect for a fun time with your partner, helping you connect with each other in an intimate and loving way. The oil is safe to put anywhere inside and outside. It feels great, tastes great and enhances your sexual pleasure. 

Benefits of Sensual Massage Oil

  • Smooch contains caprylic acid which kills fungus and yeast (E.g. candida, as well as vaginal yeast). So good for use internally and externally
  • Smooch is rich in many proteins which keep the skin healthy and rejuvenated. It will leave your skin feeling renewed and silky smooth
  • Smooch will help repair and replace damaged cells on the skin keeping skin smooth and protecting it against cracking
  • Makes reaching orgasm easier for women of all ages, but works a treat for women during menopause and anyone experiencing dryness
  • Adds to a woman's own natural lufbricant and doesn't lose friction
  • Feels great on your skin and is good for you internally and externally

Benefits of Vanilla

  • An antioxidant and cognitive enhancing agent...stops your brain being cloudy!
  • Europeans believed in vanillas abilities to reduce joint pain
  • Vanilla is thought to cure male impotency
  • Stimulates Sexual Desire
  • Aztecs loved vanilla for its powerful aphrodisiac properties
  • Tastes and smells divine

Note  - Remember to give your Smooch Vanilla a swish about to mix the vanilla anytime it changes to an oil state (it will change in consistency due to heat).

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