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Final Christmas orders for South Island or Rural addresses 16th December

Final Christmas orders for North Island 18th December

Final Christmas orders for Wellington region 21st December

For orders outside/after these dates we will do our best but can not guarantee they will arrive in time.

Free Delivery on orders over $40 (excludes already discounted items)

NZ Made bath products. Including; shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soaps and bath additives.
  • Where you find our NZ made soap dishes and other accessories.
  • NZ Made bath additives. Including; bath bombs, bath melts and salts.
  • NZ made shampoo's and conditioner's for clean and healthy hair and scalp.
  • NZ made men's shower and bath products. Including; soaps and shampoos.
  • Soaps
    NZ made soaps for hand's and body. Variety's for all skin types and fragrance preference.