Smooch - Roar Beard Oil

Smooch - Roar Beard Oil
Roar Beard Oil to Condition your mane.

Made in Kapiti, New Zealand
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You're a proud guy who loves his manly features and your mane is no exception.

Your beard is a hallmark of what it is to be a man, but just like anything of great value beards need lots of love and attention.

Relieve yourself from dry, brittle whiskers, tangles and split ends. 

Roar Beard Oil is specifically developed to keep your mane looking as smart as the rest of you. Essentially, it's a beard conditioner with all-natural ingredients - so natural you can even eat it! But seriously, Roar is better nourishing your beard, than part of your diet.

No fillers, fragrances, preservatives, plastics or palm oil.

Here's the list of unpronounceable ingredients, but don't worry, they're all 100% natural and all good for you:

Fijian Nui Cold Pressed Virgin coconut Oil, Ylang Ylang, Cananga Odorata var Genuana, Hemp Oil, Jojoba, Plant Based Vitamin E

Roar Beard Oil is easy to use- the warmth of your hand will turn it from a cream to an oil, ready to apply.


How about itchy chin?

Roar may help soothe the skin beneath. Less irritation, less itching. 

Use Roar to show off your masculine status, sport some great facial looks and earn respect from your fellow comrades. 

And best of all, you'll be more attractive to others in the pride with less scratch and a softer feeling. 


 *Step-up to Doctor Smooch if your chin continues to be itchy


Do you have a skin condition of the scalp?

Place a little of Doctor Smooch in your palm and then rub onto the itchy skin on your scalp. You don't have to wash it out.

Roar Beard Oil can be used as hair conditioner too.

Merchant: This little Kiwi
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