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NZ made Laundry products. Including powder's, powder alternatives and stain removers.
  • NZ$ 1.65 100g
    NZ$ 1.43 excl GST
  • Figgy & Co - Coconut Bar Soap
    Figgy & Co. bar soap is batch poured using 100% coconut oil and is full of cleaning greatness. Figgy uses traditional methods, without any harsh additives you will find in store brought soaps. Use this soap for cleaning, in the laundry or for spot cleaning the carpet. Great as a pre-treatment for stains before throwing into the washing machine! This soap is also a must have ingredient when grated into DIY hand soap, laundry powder and dish soap recipes.

    Made in Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    NZ$ 6.00 100g
    NZ$ 5.22 excl GST
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  • Figgy & Co - Laundry Powder 750g
    Figgy & Co. Laundry Powder is as eco-friendly as it gets. No detergents, no fillers, no dodgy chemicals, no synthetic ingredients - just tried and true natural ingredients.

    Made in Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    NZ$ 15.50 750g
    NZ$ 13.48 excl GST
  • Figgy & Co - Laundry Soaker 750g
    This 750g tub is a stains worst nightmare. At a whopping 50% active, you won't find anything like this on the supermarket shelf.

    Made in Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    NZ$ 16.00 750g
    NZ$ 13.91 excl GST
  • Figgy & Co - Nappy Wash & Soak 1kg
    Little bums and harsh chemicals don't mix!

    Made in Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    NZ$ 17.50 1kg
    NZ$ 15.22 excl GST
  • Figgy & Co - White Vinegar
    Naturally brewed in Canterbury & double-strength. This vinegar is a staple of the natural cleaning pantry!

    Made in Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    NZ$ 13.50 1L
    NZ$ 11.74 excl GST
  • Global Soap - Natural Whitening Powder
    Keeps your white laundry naturally white. Excellent to use with Soap Nuts!
    Natural Oxygen Bleach – Earth friendly, Environmentally safe, Biodegradable. Leaves no harmful by products or residues which can harm the environment.

    It’s excellent for removing stains from fabrics and other house hold cleaning. Is also gentle enough to use on Septic systems & Modern Cloth nappies.

    Packaged in Nelson, New Zealand
    NZ$ 8.00 400g
    NZ$ 6.96 excl GST
  • Global Soap - Soap Nuts
    When it comes to environmentally friendly and “green” home care products we at Global Soap make and sell a great range of hard working laundry and cleaning products that you can feel good about using in your own home.

    Earth friendly laundry soap - A natural laundry soap that grows on trees!
    Soap Nuts are earth friendly, biodegradable, economical & sustainable product that naturally washes your laundry.

    Soap Nuts are native to Nepal & India where they have been used for centuries. They are actually a fruit, growing on the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. The fruits are the size of a honey coloured cherry, containing the substance Saponin - which is nature’s own detergent.
    When the fruit ripen and fall from the tree, local families harvest and deseed them. The shell of the fruit is then dried in the sun, using absolutely no chemical or manufacturing processes.

    Check out Global Soap’s other laundry products to complement the Soap Nuts.

    Packaged in Nelson, New Zealand
    NZ$ 25.00 500g
    NZ$ 21.74 excl GST
  • Global Soap - Stain Remover Soap
    Natural cleaning power! Stain Remover laundry soap that’s eco-friendly & biodegradable.

    Made using a traditional Swedish recipe that easily removes stubborn stains from fabrics, carpets & upholstery while still being gentle on your hands.
    Works great with Soap Nuts! Is wonderful to use for hand washing, making it a must-pack travel essential -suiting the needs of every global traveller.

    Pure essential oils of Lemon Teatree, Lemon Myrtle and Lemon.

    Global Soap's handcrafted soaps are completely natural and packed full of beautiful ingredients. They create a rich creamy lather to gently cleanse, moisturize and soften your skin.
    Global Soap uses the traditional cold process method of soap making.
    Each batch of soap is individually and lovingly handmade, hand cut and cured by Global Soap.

    Global Soap Products are Earth friendly and biodegradable.

    Global Soap products contain NO Sodium Laureth Sulphate or Parabens.

    Made in Nelson, New Zealand
    NZ$ 10.00 110g
    NZ$ 8.70 excl GST