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NZ made kitchen cleaners including sprays and cream alternatives.
  • Figgy & Co - Bench Spray Refill 1L
    If you are already a fan of the Figgy bench spray then this is for you.
    One of these bottles is enough for two bench spray refills- when you are running low just top up and go!

    Made in Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    NZ$ 17.00 1litre
    NZ$ 14.78 excl GST
  • Figgy & Co - Bench Spray Trigger 500ml
    This is the perfect non-toxic cleaner for where you cook and eat! Made with only natural products, including Figgy's powerhouse cleaning soap and essential oil, this spray will make cleaning up a breeze without the chemicals!

    Made in Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    NZ$ 16.50 500ml
    NZ$ 14.35 excl GST
  • Figgy & Co - Dishwasher Powder 1kg
    Figgy's made you the ultimate natural dishwasher powder, with all the cleaning credentials you'd expect and none of the nasties.

    Made in Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    NZ$ 17.50 1kg
    NZ$ 15.22 excl GST
  • Figgy & Co - Home Cleaning Liquid Soap 500ml
    In a gorgeous glass bottle, this liquid cleaning soap is made by Figgy & Co. with love! We use an original technique, with 100% NZ sourced coconut oil, to make this superior castile cleaning soap. Use this soap for hand and clothes washing and in cleaners for around your home, with not a detergent in sight! This soap is also the perfect ingredient for DIY cleaners that call for liquid or castile soap.

    Made in Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    NZ$ 19.00 500ml
    NZ$ 16.52 excl GST
  • Figgy & Co - White Vinegar
    Naturally brewed in Canterbury & double-strength. This vinegar is a staple of the natural cleaning pantry!

    Made in Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    NZ$ 13.50 1L
    NZ$ 11.74 excl GST